CPM Ltd and Systemics-PAB enter into a partnership agreement

April 2020


Systemics-PAB (Poland) has become a new partner of CPM Ltd., granting access to leading network monitoring and independent QoE benchmarking services for mobile operators and regulators worldwide. Systemics-PAB solutions assist in understanding the user experience and address the variety of issues affecting quality in mobile and fixed networks.

Expert know-how developed over many years, combined with large-scale operations and efficient cloud-based data post processing, gives Systemics-PAB an unparalleled flexibility in conducting high-quality and complex projects in multiple countries and covering all technologies. Moreover, Systemics-PAB offer up-to-date experience with initial deployment of 5G technology, its site and network acceptance suite and unique competitor insights that can be used to turn network performance into a competitive advantage.

Systemics-PAB is also a member of ETSI working group developing guidance for the quality of services testing in mobile networks.

CPM Ltd. has completed tests of GlobalInformService 4G RAN equipment

February 2020


CPM Ltd. laboratory tests were successfully completed to validate the compatibility of GlobalInformService equipment with standard 4G RAN interfaces within a multi-vendor LTE mobile communication network.

All necessary tests were conducted to confirm the proper operation of the packet core (EPC + HSS) with the GlobalInformService 4G eNodeB (model R18F).

"Our company successfully works with telecom operators in Russia and we are pleased to collaborate Russian manufacturers of telecommunication solutions. We have been long acquainted with the GIS team and can confirm their high level of professionalism," said Nikolay Kondratyev, CTO of CPM.

NFWare has become a new partner of CPM Ltd

August 2019


CPM has signed a partnership agreement with NFWare, a Russian telecommunications solutions manufacturer. NFWare currently offers customers and partners an innovative product portfoio, including a virtual Load Balancer and a virtual Carrier Grade Network Address Translation (CGNAT).

All NFWare products are designed specifically for virtual and cloud environments with globally acknowledged technical and functional features. The NFWare CGNAT solution was successfully tested by a joint team of specialists, as a result of which the new technology was proposed as a solution for several projects.

СPM and Red Hat Partnership

June 2019


CPM Ltd. became an official Red Hat solution provider. "All earlier projects with Red Hat solutions were implemented as part of partnership agreements with other vendors that integrated Red Hat products. A direct partnership with Red Hat is an important for building our company’s, as well as a significant expansion of our capabilities in project implementation. We can now use approaches and technologies more flexibly, which will have a positive effect on project launch timing and cost," commented Igor Ponamarev, CPM CEO.

Red Hat is an American company, a leading manufacturer of open source software based on the Linux operating system: Red Hat Enterprise Linux is used to deploy mission-critical applications in leading telecommunication companies, as well as on global stock exchanges and financial institutions. Red Hat products are compatible with leading hardware and software vendor products.

CPM Ltd. and BroadForward became Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) solution providers for Tinkoff Mobile

March 2019


CPM Ltd, a leading Moscow systems integrator specializing in projects in the networks of mobile operators and IT infrastructure, has installed the BroadForward Diameter Monitoring Controller (DSC) node for Tinkoff Mobile. Now the operator can use the advanced features of Diameter-Routing (DRA), Diameter-Edge Agent (DEA) and geo-reserved HSS front-end.

BroadForward DSC is an interworking node that provides multiprotocol routing and supports Diameter, SS7, SIP, ENUM, RADIUS, and HTTP. The DSC solution is widely used by the world's leading mobile operators, MVNOs and IPX providers. It provides users with the ability to independently manage converged signaling scenarios in Wi-Fi networks, as well as in 2G, 3G, 4G, and even 5G. Ivan Boyarinov, Technical Director, Tinkoff Mobile, comments: “Tinkoff Mobile pays great attention to the quality of service delivery and customer satisfaction. By choosing CPM and the BroadForward DSC solution, we improved routing flexibility and interaction with roaming partners on our network. Thanks to the introduction of DSC, our customers, for example, can use LTE roaming in 240 countries without interruption.”

Nikolai Kondratyev, Technical Director, CPM Ltd. has added: “We have a great experience in the field of telecommunications, and we have been a partner of BroadForward company for years. We are proud that Tinkoff Mobile chose us to supply the BroadForward Next Generation DSC node, which allows the operator to continuously provide communication services both in Russia and abroad.”

Taco Schoute, CEO of BroadForward, also commented: “We are very pleased to work with CPM on this project. Increasingly, operators are choosing flexible software solutions for their networks. BroadForward DSC was designed from the ground up to support operators, including such as Tinkoff Mobile. The solution allows to manage and control the signal load of various technologies and access networks.”

CPM Ltd. company has implemented NextGen HSS from Summa Networks in the Tinkoff Mobile network

February 2019


Summa Networks, one of the leading HLR / HSS providers for MVNOs and providers of broadband Internet access and telecommunications services, announced the implementation of NextGen HSS (Home Subscriber Server) into the network of the Russian mobile operator Tinkoff Mobile. The solution is deployed by CPM Ltd., a leading Moscow system integrator specializing in applications and infrastructure for communication networks. Carrier-grade NextGen HSS from Summa Networks combines the capabilities of LTE HSS, IMS HSS and HLR (Home Location Register) into a single software solution that allows seamless interaction between 3G and 4G networks. NextGen HSS is particularly suitable for the needs of MVNO and providers seeking to provide smart home services, smart business and other IoT services. Summa Networks is also in the process of adapting the NextGen HSS to support 5G networks, which should appear soon.

Own HLR / HSS allows Tinkoff Mobile to serve clients more efficiently and quickly throughout Russia. For example, subscribers' SIM cards are no longer tied to the region of purchase - the operator’s clients can now change, restore and adjust personal data in any city convenient for them.

“Before the start of regional expansion, we were looking for a solution that allows us to route traffic in the most flexible way and speed up subscriber registration and the quality of their service,” said Ivan Boyarinov, Technical Director, Tinkoff Mobile. “We are grateful to our colleagues at CPM for helping us choose an experienced and reliable supplier, Summa Networks, who understands our business objectives and is ready to provide a high-quality, multi-functional solution.” According to Javier Martin, Summa Networks CEO, the project with Tinkoff Mobile will provide the company with a platform to expand its operations in Russia.

“We are pleased with the development of our relations with Tinkoff Mobile and CPM Ltd., as well as the possibility of increasing our presence throughout Russia,” said Martin. “Tinkoff Mobile is an ambitious mobile operator that seeks to properly use existing networks and is open to new technologies. The partnership between our companies will provide a solid foundation for meeting the future needs of operators in 3G, 4G and 5G network infrastructures.

Tieto company has become a new partner of CPM Ltd

December 2018


IT company Tieto (Finland), one of the top 100 leading technology companies in the world, has become a new partner of CPM Ltd. Tieto Corporation has a wealth of experience working with Russian and foreign telecommunications service operators and offers solutions that meet modern industry standards and reflect the key features of the billing systems.

Among Tieto products there are solutions for nodes of signaling networks of telecom operators, including virtual ones. The partner offers a comprehensive solution, Evolution Signaling Controller (ESC), designed for signal control in 2G, 3G and 4G networks, as well as in 5G networks in prospect. The technology allows the use of existing capacity in the transition from outdated networks to modern ones and serves as a substitute for such individual solutions as STP, SRP, SGW, DRA and DEA. The solution includes a firewall that protects the network from network threats.

CPM Ltd. company and Metaswitch Networks enter into a partnership agreement

May 2018


Metaswitch Networks (United Kingdom) has become a new partner of CPM Ltd., opening up access to an expanded product line and solutions for telecom operators. New features will be suitable for operators of fixed, mobile and virtual networks, as well as those who solve problems in the field of IMS and voice solutions.

Metaswitch Networks products allow telecom operators to remain competitive due to the efficient operation of the internal code and the ability to quickly implement new applications and services. Working with Metaswitch, telecom operators have the opportunity to change the traditional model — deploying proprietary equipment in central offices or in remote data centers — with a more flexible, cost-effective approach to launching software in public or private clouds. This can significantly reduce operating expenses, accelerate market entry and create competitive innovations in the service sector.

CPM Ltd. company signed a partnership agreement with Summa Networks company

February 2018


CPM Ltd. announces signing a partnership agreement with Summa Networks (In Reach Group holding, the Netherlands). As a result of this collaboration, CPM Ltd. Now it can offer its customers solutions based on Summa Networks NextGen HSS, which combines the functionality of LTE HSS, IMS HSS and HLR, including modules of Roaming Controls, EIR, AuC, etc.

Summa Networks develops and provides the latest telecommunications products that can be easily deployed both within the company and in cloud environments. Summa Networks NextGen HSS provides a gradual implementation of VoLTE / VoWIFI technologies, while retaining all the traditional 3G functionality.

Tele2 launched VoLTE service

April 2017


Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, has launched a voice transmission service in LTE networks (VoLTE) for subscribers in the Moscow region. The first to experience all the possibilities of the new technology will be the owners of the Tele2 Midi LTE and Tele2 Maxi LTE smartphones. The list of devices with VoLTE support will constantly expand.

The VoLTE service is implemented with the active participation of CPM Ltd. (CPM Ltd. became a provider and integrator of the IMS platform (TAS, I / S-CSCF, IPSMGW, SBC) and the Cisco Policy Suite platform (PCRF)).