CPM extends the operation of the 5G test zone for the Tele2 operator in Kazan

January 2022


The operation of the 5G test zone in the Kazan subway has been extended until mid-2022. The latest drive tests on site showed that peak data downloads exceed 4000 Mbps. In June 2021 Tele2 together with CPM system integrator, Cisco and Nokia, launched a 5G pilot zone at all underground stations of the Kazan subway. As part of the project a dedicated fifth-generation network infrastructure based on a Cisco solution packet core and a Nokia radio subsystem was deployed.

Cisco has implemented CUPS, a technology for separating control planes and transferring user data, which allows to achieve consistently high download speeds. Based on this solution Tele2 built highly scalable distributed core networks with the ability to move the data and application plane to the network edge, ensuring minimal connection speed / network delays. The joint team of specialists was quick and efficient in solving the many non-standard technical tasks on integrating the test zone into the existing infrastructure of the telecom operator. The launch of the 5G network in such a complex infrastructure facility was implemented with the support of the government of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Today Tele2 subscribers that own smartphones with 5G support and for whom Tatarstan is their home region can test ultra-high-speed Internet at all underground stations of the Kazan subway. Subscribers of other mobile operators can test the speed of the 5th generation technology at the Kremlevskaya station. To connect one needs to select the “Tele2WiFi5G” network in the Wi-Fi access settings. The 5G network works both on the platform and near the station’s entrances.

Ravil Khaibullin, Director of the macro-region "Volga" at Tele2 says: “The results of the first stage of testing show the stable interest of users in the new technology; subway passengers are actively used 5G. There are currently no fifth-generation commercial networks in Russia and device penetration is still low. However, it is already possible to evaluate the possibilities of the new communication standard, both in terms of subscriber activity and the needs of business and government entities. This is especially true in connection with the exponential growth of mobile Internet consumption on the current 4G infrastructure.”

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6WIND has become a new partner of CPM Ltd

December 2021


CPM has partnered with 6WIND, a French provider of virtualized, cloudified, distributed high performance & secure networking software solutions to support new applications such as 5G, IoT, SD-WAN.

6WIND software is deployed globally, allowing customers to replace expensive hardware with flexible software solutions for routing and end to end security use cases. Through its product portfolio, 6WIND delivers software solutions to address applications like Telemedicine, AI, RPA, Automation, Machine Learning, Smart City, etc.

CPM Ltd and NetNumber enter into a partnership agreement

August 2021


NetNumber (Massachusetts, USA) has become CPM’s new partner, opening access to a line of centralized signaling and routing controll (CSRC) solutions The partner has a depth of knowledge and accomplishment in software-based signaling management, orchestration, cloud and security that helps customers future-proof their infrastructure.

NetNumber aids in digital transformation of global telecom operators by ensuring InterGENerational™ Network Performance with the industry’s first cloud-native CSP platform with concurrent support for 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G.

CPM Ltd. took part in the XIII International Business Forum “Wireless Russia & CIS: LTE, 5G and IoT Networks”

May 2021


CPM experts traditionally take part in the Wireless Russia & CIS international conference and were excited about the offline format in 2021. Last year the conference did not take place due to quarantine restrictions, and the organizers proposed holding two formats simultaneously: a remote online format and the usual face-to-face format, which is much more efficient in terms of communication between participants and is one of the most important features of such events.

The business forum was attended by all leading telecom operators (Rostelecom, MTS, Megafon, Tele2, Vimpelcom and others), representatives of the largest of telecommunications solutions manufacturers (Nokia, Ericsson, Huawei, Qualcom, etc.), integrators, as well as delegates of international standardizing institutions (3GPP, ITU-T, GSA, GSMA). It is important to note the active participation of Russian manufacturers of telecommunication solutions, among which were SkolTech, GlobalInformService, Protei and others.

The forum focused on issues relevant to the Russian communications market and they were related to the development of 4G networks, planning and regulation of 5G networks, new technological solutions (e.g. Open RAN) and business approaches on creating and developing private networks (Private LTE / 5G) and IoT nodes. The tasks and principles of creating and filling new standards for 6G communication networks, import substitution issues and the launch status of Russian manufacturers’ communication solutions were also actively discussed.

CPM will integrate Cisco Packet Core for Babylon-Mobile (Tajikistan)

November 2020


CPM in partnership with IT Service LLC and distributor ElcoreDistribution AG has reached an agreement on the supply and deployment of 2G/3G/4G Packet Core solutions provided by Cisco to one of the largest telecom operators in Tajikistan - Babylon-Mobile. As part of the project MME/SGSN and SAEGW/GGSN nodes will be upgraded in data processing centers in Dushanbe and Khujand. The proposed solution architecture includes geographical redundancy between the sites.

CJSC "Babylon-Mobile" is a mobile operator in Tajikistan. The company provides communication services in the GSM 900/1800, 3G-UMTS/3.5G-HSDPA and 4G/LTE standards. Babylon-Mobile has created the best conditions in order for its subscribers to use all of the advantages of GSM/UMTS/LTE mobile communication through a wide range of services. The company's network coverage is 95% of the populated territory of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Airspan has become a new partner of CPM Ltd

May 2020


IT provider Airspan Networks Inc. (USA) with project portfolio of over 300 large network projects in more than 100 countries has become a new partner of CPM Ltd. Airspan is a multi-award-winning 4G, 5G, transport & fixed access network densification solution provider.

Among Airspan’s products is the Air5G OpenRANGE mmWave and Sub 6 GHz platforms that provide flexibility and lay the foundation for transformational 5G architectures and fully virtualized 5G networks. Airspan Networks Inc. also addresses non-mobile carrier and private network deployment including the needs of fixed Internet Service Providers.

CPM Ltd and Systemics-PAB enter into a partnership agreement

April 2020


Systemics-PAB (Poland) has become a new partner of CPM Ltd., granting access to leading network monitoring and independent QoE benchmarking services for mobile operators and regulators worldwide. Systemics-PAB solutions assist in understanding the user experience and address the variety of issues affecting quality in mobile and fixed networks.

Expert know-how developed over many years, combined with large-scale operations and efficient cloud-based data post processing, gives Systemics-PAB an unparalleled flexibility in conducting high-quality and complex projects in multiple countries and covering all technologies. Moreover, Systemics-PAB offer up-to-date experience with initial deployment of 5G technology, its site and network acceptance suite and unique competitor insights that can be used to turn network performance into a competitive advantage.

Systemics-PAB is also a member of ETSI working group developing guidance for the quality of services testing in mobile networks.

СPM and Arista Networks Partnership

April 2020


Arista Networks (Santa Clara, USA) has signed a partnership agreement with CPM Ltd., providing access to a wide range of products and solutions for cognitive cloud networking in data centers. Arista’s award-winning platforms deliver availability, agility, automation analytics and security through CloudVision® and Arista EOS®, with speeds ranging from 10 to 400 gigabits per second.

At the core of Arista's platform is the Extensible Operating System (EOS™), an innovational network operating system with single-image consistency across hardware platforms, and modern core architecture enabling in-service upgrades and application extensibility.

CPM Ltd. has completed tests of GlobalInformService 4G RAN equipment

February 2020


CPM Ltd. laboratory tests were successfully completed to validate the compatibility of GlobalInformService equipment with standard 4G RAN interfaces within a multi-vendor LTE mobile communication network.

All necessary tests were conducted to confirm the proper operation of the packet core (EPC + HSS) with the GlobalInformService 4G eNodeB (model R18F).

"Our company successfully works with telecom operators in Russia and we are pleased to collaborate Russian manufacturers of telecommunication solutions. We have been long acquainted with the GIS team and can confirm their high level of professionalism," said Nikolay Kondratyev, CTO of CPM.

NFWare has become a new partner of CPM Ltd

August 2019


CPM has signed a partnership agreement with NFWare, a Russian telecommunications solutions manufacturer. NFWare currently offers customers and partners an innovative product portfoio, including a virtual Load Balancer and a virtual Carrier Grade Network Address Translation (CGNAT).

All NFWare products are designed specifically for virtual and cloud environments with globally acknowledged technical and functional features. The NFWare CGNAT solution was successfully tested by a joint team of specialists, as a result of which the new technology was proposed as a solution for several projects.