CPM Ltd and NetNumber enter into a partnership agreement

August 2021


NetNumber (Massachusetts, USA) has become CPM’s new partner, opening access to a line of centralized signaling and routing controll (CSRC) solutions The partner has a depth of knowledge and accomplishment in software-based signaling management, orchestration, cloud and security that helps customers future-proof their infrastructure.

NetNumber aids in digital transformation of global telecom operators by ensuring InterGENerational™ Network Performance with the industry’s first cloud-native CSP platform with concurrent support for 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G.

CPM Ltd. took part in the XIII International Business Forum “Wireless Russia & CIS: LTE, 5G and IoT Networks”

May 2021


CPM experts traditionally take part in the Wireless Russia & CIS international conference and were excited about the offline format in 2021. Last year the conference did not take place due to quarantine restrictions, and the organizers proposed holding two formats simultaneously: a remote online format and the usual face-to-face format, which is much more efficient in terms of communication between participants and is one of the most important features of such events.

The business forum was attended by all leading telecom operators (Rostelecom, MTS, Megafon, Tele2, Vimpelcom and others), representatives of the largest of telecommunications solutions manufacturers (Nokia, Ericsson, Huawei, Qualcom, etc.), integrators, as well as delegates of international standardizing institutions (3GPP, ITU-T, GSA, GSMA). It is important to note the active participation of Russian manufacturers of telecommunication solutions, among which were SkolTech, GlobalInformService, Protei and others.

The forum focused on issues relevant to the Russian communications market and they were related to the development of 4G networks, planning and regulation of 5G networks, new technological solutions (e.g. Open RAN) and business approaches on creating and developing private networks (Private LTE / 5G) and IoT nodes. The tasks and principles of creating and filling new standards for 6G communication networks, import substitution issues and the launch status of Russian manufacturers’ communication solutions were also actively discussed.

CPM will integrate Cisco Packet Core for Babylon-Mobile (Tajikistan)

November 2020


CPM in partnership with IT Service LLC and distributor ElcoreDistribution AG has reached an agreement on the supply and deployment of 2G/3G/4G Packet Core solutions provided by Cisco to one of the largest telecom operators in Tajikistan - Babylon-Mobile. As part of the project MME/SGSN and SAEGW/GGSN nodes will be upgraded in data processing centers in Dushanbe and Khujand. The proposed solution architecture includes geographical redundancy between the sites.

CJSC "Babylon-Mobile" is a mobile operator in Tajikistan. The company provides communication services in the GSM 900/1800, 3G-UMTS/3.5G-HSDPA and 4G/LTE standards. Babylon-Mobile has created the best conditions in order for its subscribers to use all of the advantages of GSM/UMTS/LTE mobile communication through a wide range of services. The company's network coverage is 95% of the populated territory of the Republic of Tajikistan.

СPM and Arista Networks Partnership

April 2020


Arista Networks (Santa Clara, USA) has signed a partnership agreement with CPM Ltd., providing access to a wide range of products and solutions for cognitive cloud networking in data centers. Arista’s award-winning platforms deliver availability, agility, automation analytics and security through CloudVision® and Arista EOS®, with speeds ranging from 10 to 400 gigabits per second.

At the core of Arista's platform is the Extensible Operating System (EOS™), an innovational network operating system with single-image consistency across hardware platforms, and modern core architecture enabling in-service upgrades and application extensibility.

NFWare has become a new partner of CPM Ltd

August 2019


CPM has signed a partnership agreement with NFWare, a Russian telecommunications solutions manufacturer. NFWare currently offers customers and partners an innovative product portfoio, including a virtual Load Balancer and a virtual Carrier Grade Network Address Translation (CGNAT).

All NFWare products are designed specifically for virtual and cloud environments with globally acknowledged technical and functional features. The NFWare CGNAT solution was successfully tested by a joint team of specialists, as a result of which the new technology was proposed as a solution for several projects.

CPM Ltd. and BroadForward became Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) solution providers for Tinkoff Mobile

March 2019


CPM Ltd, a leading Moscow systems integrator specializing in projects in the networks of mobile operators and IT infrastructure, has installed the BroadForward Diameter Monitoring Controller (DSC) node for Tinkoff Mobile. Now the operator can use the advanced features of Diameter-Routing (DRA), Diameter-Edge Agent (DEA) and geo-reserved HSS front-end.

BroadForward DSC is an interworking node that provides multiprotocol routing and supports Diameter, SS7, SIP, ENUM, RADIUS, and HTTP. The DSC solution is widely used by the world's leading mobile operators, MVNOs and IPX providers. It provides users with the ability to independently manage converged signaling scenarios in Wi-Fi networks, as well as in 2G, 3G, 4G, and even 5G. Ivan Boyarinov, Technical Director, Tinkoff Mobile, comments: “Tinkoff Mobile pays great attention to the quality of service delivery and customer satisfaction. By choosing CPM and the BroadForward DSC solution, we improved routing flexibility and interaction with roaming partners on our network. Thanks to the introduction of DSC, our customers, for example, can use LTE roaming in 240 countries without interruption.”

Nikolai Kondratyev, Technical Director, CPM Ltd. has added: “We have a great experience in the field of telecommunications, and we have been a partner of BroadForward company for years. We are proud that Tinkoff Mobile chose us to supply the BroadForward Next Generation DSC node, which allows the operator to continuously provide communication services both in Russia and abroad.”

Taco Schoute, CEO of BroadForward, also commented: “We are very pleased to work with CPM on this project. Increasingly, operators are choosing flexible software solutions for their networks. BroadForward DSC was designed from the ground up to support operators, including such as Tinkoff Mobile. The solution allows to manage and control the signal load of various technologies and access networks.”

CPM Ltd. company has implemented NextGen HSS from Summa Networks in the Tinkoff Mobile network

February 2019


Summa Networks, one of the leading HLR / HSS providers for MVNOs and providers of broadband Internet access and telecommunications services, announced the implementation of NextGen HSS (Home Subscriber Server) into the network of the Russian mobile operator Tinkoff Mobile. The solution is deployed by CPM Ltd., a leading Moscow system integrator specializing in applications and infrastructure for communication networks. Carrier-grade NextGen HSS from Summa Networks combines the capabilities of LTE HSS, IMS HSS and HLR (Home Location Register) into a single software solution that allows seamless interaction between 3G and 4G networks. NextGen HSS is particularly suitable for the needs of MVNO and providers seeking to provide smart home services, smart business and other IoT services. Summa Networks is also in the process of adapting the NextGen HSS to support 5G networks, which should appear soon.

Own HLR / HSS allows Tinkoff Mobile to serve clients more efficiently and quickly throughout Russia. For example, subscribers' SIM cards are no longer tied to the region of purchase - the operator’s clients can now change, restore and adjust personal data in any city convenient for them.

“Before the start of regional expansion, we were looking for a solution that allows us to route traffic in the most flexible way and speed up subscriber registration and the quality of their service,” said Ivan Boyarinov, Technical Director, Tinkoff Mobile. “We are grateful to our colleagues at CPM for helping us choose an experienced and reliable supplier, Summa Networks, who understands our business objectives and is ready to provide a high-quality, multi-functional solution.” According to Javier Martin, Summa Networks CEO, the project with Tinkoff Mobile will provide the company with a platform to expand its operations in Russia.

“We are pleased with the development of our relations with Tinkoff Mobile and CPM Ltd., as well as the possibility of increasing our presence throughout Russia,” said Martin. “Tinkoff Mobile is an ambitious mobile operator that seeks to properly use existing networks and is open to new technologies. The partnership between our companies will provide a solid foundation for meeting the future needs of operators in 3G, 4G and 5G network infrastructures.

Tieto company has become a new partner of CPM Ltd

December 2018


IT company Tieto (Finland), one of the top 100 leading technology companies in the world, has become a new partner of CPM Ltd. Tieto Corporation has a wealth of experience working with Russian and foreign telecommunications service operators and offers solutions that meet modern industry standards and reflect the key features of the billing systems.

Among Tieto products there are solutions for nodes of signaling networks of telecom operators, including virtual ones. The partner offers a comprehensive solution, Evolution Signaling Controller (ESC), designed for signal control in 2G, 3G and 4G networks, as well as in 5G networks in prospect. The technology allows the use of existing capacity in the transition from outdated networks to modern ones and serves as a substitute for such individual solutions as STP, SRP, SGW, DRA and DEA. The solution includes a firewall that protects the network from network threats.

CPM Ltd. company and Metaswitch Networks enter into a partnership agreement

May 2018


Metaswitch Networks (United Kingdom) has become a new partner of CPM Ltd., opening up access to an expanded product line and solutions for telecom operators. New features will be suitable for operators of fixed, mobile and virtual networks, as well as those who solve problems in the field of IMS and voice solutions.

Metaswitch Networks products allow telecom operators to remain competitive due to the efficient operation of the internal code and the ability to quickly implement new applications and services. Working with Metaswitch, telecom operators have the opportunity to change the traditional model — deploying proprietary equipment in central offices or in remote data centers — with a more flexible, cost-effective approach to launching software in public or private clouds. This can significantly reduce operating expenses, accelerate market entry and create competitive innovations in the service sector.

CPM Ltd. company signed a partnership agreement with Summa Networks company

February 2018


CPM Ltd. announces signing a partnership agreement with Summa Networks (In Reach Group holding, the Netherlands). As a result of this collaboration, CPM Ltd. Now it can offer its customers solutions based on Summa Networks NextGen HSS, which combines the functionality of LTE HSS, IMS HSS and HLR, including modules of Roaming Controls, EIR, AuC, etc.

Summa Networks develops and provides the latest telecommunications products that can be easily deployed both within the company and in cloud environments. Summa Networks NextGen HSS provides a gradual implementation of VoLTE / VoWIFI technologies, while retaining all the traditional 3G functionality.

V-Tell selects BroadForward's Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) for next-generation communications services

August 2016


International mobile operator V-Tell announced the implementation of the BroadForward BFX solution - Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC), which will allow the operator to provide Diameter routing, interoperability with traditional networks and launch of data roaming services in 4G networks.

Alexander Kurochkin CEO of V-Tell, commented: “Our success in LTE will depend on the rapid differentiation of services. With the BFX interface gateway, we now own our signaling network and have the ability to manage it. We can independently and immediately take measures to provide services and addressing the signaling problems that appear in our network, which unites many service providers. BFX offers such flexibility and adaptability of services at affordable prices, regardless of the providers and technologies."

CPM Ltd. specialists deployed the BroadForward solution in V-Tell, in the Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) functionality and the Diameter Edge Agent (DEA), as well as the common BFX platform for inter-network and inter-protocol exchange between Diameter, SS7 (MAP / CAP / INAP), RADIUS, HTTP, ENUM and LDAP.

CPM Ltd. company completed integration of the Packet core solution for MTT's MVNO project

May 2016


As part of the MVNO project, CPM Ltd. provided, implemented and integrated Cisco VPC (Virtual Packet Core) and Cisco CPS (Cisco Policy Suit) solutions in MTT’s MVNO project. Within the project, CPM Ltd. company also shipped Cisco UCS server hardware to deploy GGSN \ PGW universal packet core based on Cisco Virtual Packet Core (VPC) and PCRF on the basis of Cisco Policy Suit (CPS). To date, work has been completed on the integration and testing of the GGSN / PGW node and the solution is being used to provide commercial communication services. The integration of the Cisco CPS / PCRF components with the MTT network infrastructure is close to the final and is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2016.

“This is already the third full MVNO commercial project in Russia in which we are successfully implementing the Cisco VPC solution as GGSN / PGW / DPI. We are also actively working on several more similar projects in Russia and the CIS", - commented the technical director of CPM Ltd. Nikolai Kondratyev.

CPM acted as an integrator of VoLTE and RCS server solutions for Osnova Telecom

July 2014


Osnova Telecom, which builds the federal LTE network, tested the server solution for VoLTE and RCS by the American company Mavenir Systems. In Osnova Telecom, they called this solution alternative and did not exclude the possibility of using it on their network.

Osnova Telecom noted that the product was tested in Moscow on the operator’s own equipment. Its supplier was Mavenir Systems, an American company specializing in the development of software supporting the work of various services based on the LTE network, and the integrator was CPM. “This solution is fully virtualized, which significantly reduces the time and cost of its implementation,” Osnova Telecom representatives believe. “The tests performed showed good results and indicate the potential use of the Mavenir Systems solution.”

Osnova Telecom also noted that such solutions fit into the company's strategy, which is based on the transition from the traditional operator's role of a single data service provider to the whole range of services. At the same time, “the company not only selects solutions that are already on the market, but also actively initiates their improvement in order to increase the attractiveness for end users”.

Just the example of such work in Osnova Telecom was called the process of introducing a voice communication service based on 4G networks (Voice over LTE, VoLTE). At the same time, Osnova Telecom is working on the implementation of the concept of Rich Communication Services (RCS), which will allow the operator to provide various multimedia services. Among these new services is video communication in high-definition mode (HD Video call), advanced messaging service (Rich Messaging), which includes the ability to communicate within groups of users. In addition, Osnova Telecom investigated RCS file sharing service and a number of opportunities related to obtaining information about the location of subscribers (RCS Location Information) and various types of communication with other users of the network (RCS Presence).

CPM has signed a distribution agreement with Mavenir Systems Inc

October 2012


CPM announces the signing of a distribution agreement with Mavenir Systems Inc (USA), under which it plans to deliver Mavenir products and solutions, as well as provide implementation and technical support services for these solutions in the telecommunication markets of the Russian Federation and the following countries: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.

Mavenir is a leading provider of network software solutions that provide voice, video and Rich Communication Services based on IP for communications service providers around the world. The proposed solutions provide new generation services such as Rich Communication Services (including RCSe and RCS 5.1), VoLTE and voice over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi).

CPM has received the status of Cisco Mobile Internet Technology Authorized Technology Provider

April 2011


CPM announced it has received the status of a Cisco Mobile Internet Technology Authorized Technology Provider (ATP-MIT). Company employees have completed the necessary training and successfully passed the exams in accordance with the requirements of Cisco for partners for the implementation and support of solutions for mobile service operators to obtain this status. ATP-MIT Certified Partner Status was obtained by CPM as soon as possible after approval of the condition of its receipt for Cisco partners.

The expertise of the company's employees in the mobile Internet solution line has been developing since 2008, when CPM received the status of a partner of the company Starent Networks, as a result of the acquisition of which the newly formed division of Cisco Mobile Internet Technology Group was created. The Cisco ATP-MIT status also confirms the availability of the necessary technological base, resources and expertise of CPM company specialists in providing implementation, integration and professional technical support services for Cisco MiTG solutions.

CPM is the first and currently the only certified partner of Cisco Mobile Internet Technology ATP in Russia.