СPM and Arista Networks Partnership

April 2020


Arista Networks (Santa Clara, USA) has signed a partnership agreement with CPM Ltd., providing access to a wide range of products and solutions for cognitive cloud networking in data centers. Arista’s award-winning platforms deliver availability, agility, automation analytics and security through CloudVision® and Arista EOS®, with speeds ranging from 10 to 400 gigabits per second.

At the core of Arista's platform is the Extensible Operating System (EOS™), an innovational network operating system with single-image consistency across hardware platforms, and modern core architecture enabling in-service upgrades and application extensibility.

СPM and Red Hat Partnership

June 2019


CPM Ltd. became an official Red Hat solution provider. "All earlier projects with Red Hat solutions were implemented as part of partnership agreements with other vendors that integrated Red Hat products. A direct partnership with Red Hat is an important for building our company’s, as well as a significant expansion of our capabilities in project implementation. We can now use approaches and technologies more flexibly, which will have a positive effect on project launch timing and cost," commented Igor Ponamarev, CPM CEO.

Red Hat is an American company, a leading manufacturer of open source software based on the Linux operating system: Red Hat Enterprise Linux is used to deploy mission-critical applications in leading telecommunication companies, as well as on global stock exchanges and financial institutions. Red Hat products are compatible with leading hardware and software vendor products.

CPM Ltd. completed the implementation of the CRM WDE connector software

December 2016


CPM Ltd. company completed a project on the implementation of the CRM WDE Connector software, designed for the interaction of the Federal Contact Center of IC "VTB Insurance" Ltd., based on Genesys software and the MS CRM solution.

CRM WDE connector software was developed by CPM Ltd. under a partnership agreement with Genesys. After testing, the CRM WDE connector software was posted on the Genesys information portal with the purpose of its promotion and marketing.

CPM has completed the project of the description of the architecture of the MOEX Group's application software

December 2011


From October 2010 to November 2011 CPM has completed a project on an audit of the MOEX Group's application software.

In the course of the project, a classification of the applications was carried out, the connections of the applications used in the MOEX Group divisions among themselves as well as with external applications of third-party organizations were revealed.

As a result of the project, a functional model was built and a structured knowledge base about applications was created. In addition, CPM experts developed recommendations for improving the architecture of the MOEX Group's software complex.

The project to develop a strategy for information technology development of the insurance company Ugoria was completed

April 2011


In the period from November 2010 to April 2011 CPM implemented a project to design a stratedgy for information and technology development for the Ugoria insurance company.

During the project, the current information architecture of the insurance company was analyzed, requirements and a target model of the information architecture were developed, and a modernization plan was designed - a plan for transition from the current to the target model.

CPM audited IT at Bank Trust

January 2011


During the period from November 2, 2010 to January 14, 2011 CPM has conducted an audit of information technology for Trust Bank. As a result of the audit, a large number of recommendations were developed and held by the Bank at a multilevel discussion, allowing to significantly improve the efficiency of the Bank’s IT services and optimize IT costs. Trust Bank thanked the leaders of the consultancy team - A.L. Telyatnikov and S.E. Kiryushin.

The Genesys Outbound management platform was modernized for Skylink

December 2010


The Genesys Outbound interaction management platform was upgraded from preview mode to full mode in Skylink Contact Center. The new mode allows to increase the effectiveness of proactive contacts with customers and reduce the burden on operators. Provider of the solution was the CPM Ltd. company.

CPM completed delivery of Genesys Gplus Adapter for MS Dynamics CRM software for Skylink contact center

December 2010


The delivery of Genesys Gplus Adapter for MS Dynamics CRM software for the Skylink contact center has been completed. This solution allowed Skylink to integrate the workplaces of contact center operators into a single client interaction management platform.

CPM completes pilot project to implement Norkom Technologies solutions in Alfa-Bank

October 2010


CPM has completed a pilot project to implement an automated system at Alfa-Bank to counter financial crime and money laundering based on solutions from Norkom Technologies.

The pilot project demonstrated the capabilities of Norkom solutions for detecting credit card fraud (DCF module) and countering money laundering (AML module - Anti-Money Laundering). In total, 11 scenarios for detecting potential cases of fraud were implemented: 5 scenarios for the AML module and 6 scenarios for the DCF module.

Bank employees were able to analyze the performance of detection scenarios, learn how to handle alerts about possible frauds generated by the system, and analyze cross-reference dependencies between transactions, alerts, accounts and customers to identify deeper links between them on real data.

SCEC сontact center will be serviced by specialists of the CPM company

October 2010


CPM won a tender for the provision of technical support services to the contact center for Siberian Coal Energy Company (SCEC). The total number of jobs of the operators of the contact center of the company is 25.

Online consultant for MegaFon-Northwest

September 2010


CPM, together with the specialists of Synterra, completed the implementation of the Online Consultant application (Web chat) for MegaFon-Northwest, based on the capabilities of the Genesys platform. This solution will provide MegaFon-Northwest subscribers with a convenient tool for communicating with the company's specialists.

CPM offers its own tool for customizing Genesys Agent Desktop

June 2010


CPM specialists have developed their own customization tool for Genesys Agent Desktop. CC operators have access to a convenient interface for switching calls to the optimal for the client office of the company at the nearest metro station, with the ability to collect statistical information for use by the marketing department.

CPM and Norkom Technologies have signed a partnership agreement

April 2010


CPM became the first Russian company to sign a partnership agreement with Norkom Technologies, the market leader in automated systems for dealing with various types of financial fraud and money laundering. CPM aims to promote and support the company's products in the Russian market. The introduction of such a system in Russian banks will provide a higher level of customer protection, meet the requirements of regulatory agencies and will help in increasing confidence in banks from both Russian customers and foreign partners.​

Norkom is a leading provider of innovative anti-financial fraud solutions for the global financial services market. The company's advanced solutions allow to effectively resist individuals and organizations involved in financial fraud and money laundering by taking prompt and well-thought-out protection measures by flexibly managing and updating Norkom's security system. Norkom’s solution package is based on a unique technology platform, an extensive knowledge base in financial security and a wealth of experience in working with clients. Norkom helps financial institutions in more than 100 countries around the world to reduce financial losses, protect their reputation, achieve compliance with regulatory requirements, improve operational efficiency and reduce information technology costs.

CPM announces the completion of the second phase of the implementation of the contact center for the Coral Travel company

March 2010


The second stage of contact center implementation for Coral Travel has been completed. The total planned number of jobs of the operators is 95.

CPM employees have been certified by Genesys

March 2010


Employees of CPM have been successfully certified by Genesys (part of Alcatel-Lucent) by System Consultant, Inbound Voice (GCP7-CIV) and Developer, Inbound Voice Routing (GCP7-DIV) qualifications. In total, at the moment, the company employees received 3 certificates: 2-CIV, 1-DIV.

Successfully completed a pilot project for the implementation of a service-oriented integration platform for Alfa Insurance

January 2010


CPM has successfully completed a pilot project for the implementation of a service-oriented integration platform for AlfaStrakhovanie. Within the project, an integration process was developed and successfully implemented to transfer information on insurance contracts and customers between several corporate applications of AlfaStrakhovanie. At the same time, a canonical data scheme was designed for the subject area of insurance contracts and company customers, and the integration process was developed in terms of integration patterns (a set of best practices for integrating enterprise applications through asynchronous messaging). The specificity of the project was the use of the product in open source Apache ServiceMix. The developed integration process successfully went through pilot operation and was recommended for industrial use. Thus, an experiment using open source solutions was considered successful. The experience gained during the implementation of the project on the design and development of integration components formed the basis of the development guide, based on which AlfaStrakhovanie employees will be able to develop new integration components on their own.

Successful integration of the system based on the Genesys Outbound Voice solution in the Synterra contact center

January 2010


CPM delivered software and equipment for organizing outgoing telephone campaigns based on Genesys Outbound Voice solution for Synterra contact center. The kit includes a subscriber answer recognition server (Call Progress Detection), which significantly increases the system's ability to provide diverse outsourcing services.

CPM won a tender for the provision of technical support services to the contact center of Ingosstrakh

November 2009


According to the results of the competition for the provision of contact center support services, Ingosstrakh entered into an agreement with CPM. More than 150 workplaces of contact center operators were taken for service.

The first stage of the project on the implementation of the contact center for the company Coral Travel has been successfully completed

October 2009


The first stage of the contact center implementation project for Coral Travel has been completed. CPM specialists implemented integration with the system used by Coral Travel based on the Cisco Call Manager solution, which made it possible to complete the work in a short time with minimal costs. The contact center of the company will be able to handle different types of customer calls - not only standard telephone calls, but also multimedia: email, chat.

Contact Center call records management system was implemented

September 2009


CPM has developed and implemented a solution for managing call records of operators for the contact center of Coral Travel.

CPM was chosen as the supplier of technical support services for the contact center by Synterra

July 2009


CPM will provide technical support services to the Synterra contact center. The total number of jobs of the operators is 160.

Successfully completed the audit of the infrastructure of the contact center of Mosenergosbyt

May 2009


CPM and R&P Consult conducted a joint audit of the infrastructure of the contact center of Mosenergosbyt. During the audit, an analysis of the current state of affairs was carried out, a KPI assessment was made, and a customer service forecast was built depending on the configuration of CC resources. According to the results of the work, the customer was provided with recommendations on the development of the contact center and optimization of business processes.

Coral Travel chose CPM to create a contact center

March 2009


CPM is starting a project to implement a contact center for Coral Travel, one of the largest tour operators in Russia. The solution is based on the Genesys software platform. The first stage is the installation of the Genesys Express package and its integration with the existing corporate telephony system based on Cisco Call Manager. The project provides for further expansion of CC to Genesys Enterprise Routing.

Successfully completed the project for the Sky Link operator

February 2009


The mobile operator Sky Link starts servicing Moscow region subscribers in a unified contact center (UCC), and also starts receiving and processing calls from the North-West region in test mode. CPM is the supplier and integrator of the Unified Contact Center solution. The main platform for organizing the software and hardware of the contact center is Genesys software. The contact center of Sky Link was formed within the framework of creating a single federal operator based on regional operating companies in order to unify business processes and ensure uniform standards of customer service throughout the territory of presence.

Stratus Avance wins InfoWorld 2009

January 2009


Stratus Technologies is back on top. Two years in a row, in 2007 and 2008, Stratus Technologies, the main distributor of which is CPM, received InfoWorld Technology of the Year awards for the best fail-safe equipment. In the coming 2009, having met expectations, Stratus Avance received the title of the best fault-tolerant server solution of 2009 for small and medium-sized enterprises, then once again confirmed its unique reliability, as well as world fame.