CPM Ltd. and BroadForward became Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) solution providers for Tinkoff Mobile

March 2019


CPM Ltd, a leading Moscow systems integrator specializing in projects in the networks of mobile operators and IT infrastructure, has installed the BroadForward Diameter Monitoring Controller (DSC) node for Tinkoff Mobile. Now the operator can use the advanced features of Diameter-Routing (DRA), Diameter-Edge Agent (DEA) and geo-reserved HSS front-end.

BroadForward DSC is an interworking node that provides multiprotocol routing and supports Diameter, SS7, SIP, ENUM, RADIUS, and HTTP. The DSC solution is widely used by the world's leading mobile operators, MVNOs and IPX providers. It provides users with the ability to independently manage converged signaling scenarios in Wi-Fi networks, as well as in 2G, 3G, 4G, and even 5G. Ivan Boyarinov, Technical Director, Tinkoff Mobile, comments: “Tinkoff Mobile pays great attention to the quality of service delivery and customer satisfaction. By choosing CPM and the BroadForward DSC solution, we improved routing flexibility and interaction with roaming partners on our network. Thanks to the introduction of DSC, our customers, for example, can use LTE roaming in 240 countries without interruption.”

Nikolai Kondratyev, Technical Director, CPM Ltd. has added: “We have a great experience in the field of telecommunications, and we have been a partner of BroadForward company for years. We are proud that Tinkoff Mobile chose us to supply the BroadForward Next Generation DSC node, which allows the operator to continuously provide communication services both in Russia and abroad.”

Taco Schoute, CEO of BroadForward, also commented: “We are very pleased to work with CPM on this project. Increasingly, operators are choosing flexible software solutions for their networks. BroadForward DSC was designed from the ground up to support operators, including such as Tinkoff Mobile. The solution allows to manage and control the signal load of various technologies and access networks.”

Tieto company has become a new partner of CPM Ltd

December 2018


IT company Tieto (Finland), one of the top 100 leading technology companies in the world, has become a new partner of CPM Ltd. Tieto Corporation has a wealth of experience working with Russian and foreign telecommunications service operators and offers solutions that meet modern industry standards and reflect the key features of the billing systems.

Among Tieto products there are solutions for nodes of signaling networks of telecom operators, including virtual ones. The partner offers a comprehensive solution, Evolution Signaling Controller (ESC), designed for signal control in 2G, 3G and 4G networks, as well as in 5G networks in prospect. The technology allows the use of existing capacity in the transition from outdated networks to modern ones and serves as a substitute for such individual solutions as STP, SRP, SGW, DRA and DEA. The solution includes a firewall that protects the network from network threats.

V-Tell selects BroadForward's Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) for next-generation communications services

August 2016


International mobile operator V-Tell announced the implementation of the BroadForward BFX solution - Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC), which will allow the operator to provide Diameter routing, interoperability with traditional networks and launch of data roaming services in 4G networks.

Alexander Kurochkin CEO of V-Tell, commented: “Our success in LTE will depend on the rapid differentiation of services. With the BFX interface gateway, we now own our signaling network and have the ability to manage it. We can independently and immediately take measures to provide services and addressing the signaling problems that appear in our network, which unites many service providers. BFX offers such flexibility and adaptability of services at affordable prices, regardless of the providers and technologies."

CPM Ltd. specialists deployed the BroadForward solution in V-Tell, in the Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) functionality and the Diameter Edge Agent (DEA), as well as the common BFX platform for inter-network and inter-protocol exchange between Diameter, SS7 (MAP / CAP / INAP), RADIUS, HTTP, ENUM and LDAP.