CPM Ltd and Systemics-PAB enter into a partnership agreement

April 2020


Systemics-PAB (Poland) has become a new partner of CPM Ltd., granting access to leading network monitoring and independent QoE benchmarking services for mobile operators and regulators worldwide. Systemics-PAB solutions assist in understanding the user experience and address the variety of issues affecting quality in mobile and fixed networks.

Expert know-how developed over many years, combined with large-scale operations and efficient cloud-based data post processing, gives Systemics-PAB an unparalleled flexibility in conducting high-quality and complex projects in multiple countries and covering all technologies. Moreover, Systemics-PAB offer up-to-date experience with initial deployment of 5G technology, its site and network acceptance suite and unique competitor insights that can be used to turn network performance into a competitive advantage.

Systemics-PAB is also a member of ETSI working group developing guidance for the quality of services testing in mobile networks.

CPM Ltd. company and Metaswitch Networks enter into a partnership agreement

May 2018


Metaswitch Networks (United Kingdom) has become a new partner of CPM Ltd., opening up access to an expanded product line and solutions for telecom operators. New features will be suitable for operators of fixed, mobile and virtual networks, as well as those who solve problems in the field of IMS and voice solutions.

Metaswitch Networks products allow telecom operators to remain competitive due to the efficient operation of the internal code and the ability to quickly implement new applications and services. Working with Metaswitch, telecom operators have the opportunity to change the traditional model — deploying proprietary equipment in central offices or in remote data centers — with a more flexible, cost-effective approach to launching software in public or private clouds. This can significantly reduce operating expenses, accelerate market entry and create competitive innovations in the service sector.

Tele2 launched VoLTE service

April 2017


Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, has launched a voice transmission service in LTE networks (VoLTE) for subscribers in the Moscow region. The first to experience all the possibilities of the new technology will be the owners of the Tele2 Midi LTE and Tele2 Maxi LTE smartphones. The list of devices with VoLTE support will constantly expand.

The VoLTE service is implemented with the active participation of CPM Ltd. (CPM Ltd. became a provider and integrator of the IMS platform (TAS, I / S-CSCF, IPSMGW, SBC) and the Cisco Policy Suite platform (PCRF)).

Tele2 launched VoWiFi service

April 2017


Tele2, the federal mobile operator, launched the "Wi-Fi calls" service (voice and text messaging via Wi-Fi) commercially based on the TeamSpirit Mobile Video Call SDK, the Spirit software engine integrated into the Mavenir (USA) platform.

In the context of reducing the use of traditional telecom services operators Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) is one of the most relevant technologies and a way to expand the coverage and capacity of a mobile operator’s network. VoWiFi (or Wi-Fi calling) is a technology that allows you to make voice and video calls, exchange text messages over the cellular network of a cellular operator via connecting to any Wi-Fi network.

The service “Wi-Fi calls” from Tele2 is implemented by Tele2, CPM Ltd. specialists. and Mavenir on the Mavenir IMS platform.

The “Wi-Fi calls” service is available for Tele2 subscribers on smartphones running the iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play) operating systems.

CPM Ltd. successfully completed a project to implement RCS in the MTS network

December 2015


In December 2015, the RCS project was successfully completed on the MTC network. MTS introduced this technology as one of the first in the Russian market and today provides subscribers with the MTS Connect service, which competes with common OTT services such as skype, viber, whataspp (messaging, files exchange, presence service, home tariff roaming calls) using own mobile number as user ID. Through the use of standardized 3gpp architecture, RCS subscribers can make / receive voice calls, including incoming calls from regular landline phones. In the near future, as other operators build a standard architecture, it will be possible to exchange files, messages, presence status and calls with RCS subscribers of other operators.

Within the project the IMS core from Nokia, the RCS server manufactured by Mitel (formerly Mavenir), a software downloadable client from Summit-Tech, was integrated.

CPM Ltd. company acted as a supplier and integrator of RCS servers from Mitel, providing chat, group chat, file sharing, deferred delivery of messages and files services, presence service.

CPM acted as an integrator of VoLTE and RCS server solutions for Osnova Telecom

July 2014


Osnova Telecom, which builds the federal LTE network, tested the server solution for VoLTE and RCS by the American company Mavenir Systems. In Osnova Telecom, they called this solution alternative and did not exclude the possibility of using it on their network.

Osnova Telecom noted that the product was tested in Moscow on the operator’s own equipment. Its supplier was Mavenir Systems, an American company specializing in the development of software supporting the work of various services based on the LTE network, and the integrator was CPM. “This solution is fully virtualized, which significantly reduces the time and cost of its implementation,” Osnova Telecom representatives believe. “The tests performed showed good results and indicate the potential use of the Mavenir Systems solution.”

Osnova Telecom also noted that such solutions fit into the company's strategy, which is based on the transition from the traditional operator's role of a single data service provider to the whole range of services. At the same time, “the company not only selects solutions that are already on the market, but also actively initiates their improvement in order to increase the attractiveness for end users”.

Just the example of such work in Osnova Telecom was called the process of introducing a voice communication service based on 4G networks (Voice over LTE, VoLTE). At the same time, Osnova Telecom is working on the implementation of the concept of Rich Communication Services (RCS), which will allow the operator to provide various multimedia services. Among these new services is video communication in high-definition mode (HD Video call), advanced messaging service (Rich Messaging), which includes the ability to communicate within groups of users. In addition, Osnova Telecom investigated RCS file sharing service and a number of opportunities related to obtaining information about the location of subscribers (RCS Location Information) and various types of communication with other users of the network (RCS Presence).

CPM has signed a distribution agreement with Mavenir Systems Inc

October 2012


CPM announces the signing of a distribution agreement with Mavenir Systems Inc (USA), under which it plans to deliver Mavenir products and solutions, as well as provide implementation and technical support services for these solutions in the telecommunication markets of the Russian Federation and the following countries: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.

Mavenir is a leading provider of network software solutions that provide voice, video and Rich Communication Services based on IP for communications service providers around the world. The proposed solutions provide new generation services such as Rich Communication Services (including RCSe and RCS 5.1), VoLTE and voice over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi).